T-shirt Quilt, Craft It Club, and more…

Book a T Shirt Quilt Week

Let’s get it done! These comfy, cool quilts are the perfect thing for any beginner or crafter looking to get back into sewing. I walk you through each step, and it takes an average of 3 sessions. Come on your own schedule! You bring up to 16 shirts, and I provide all the rest. $75 for the week (and $195 if you want to just drop off your shirts with me. I promise I won’t tell 🀭🀫)

New Classes!

Fun new classes to book!

😎 ❀️

Chunky Knit Blanket private class- $70 πŸŽ€

Resin class- $20 per person 🎁

Date Night-Β $20 per couple 🐢🐱 T-shirt Quilt- $75 πŸ‘• Private Sewing Class – $25


Join the club!

What a great way to sample new crafting fads without breaking the bank! Come in to the store and play with all my crafting machines and gizmos. Bring your own projects for questions and help, or just to show off! πŸ˜‰ Have ideas? Let’s make them reality! This club is for you, crafty boss. Only $39 per month! πŸ˜—

New DIY list is BURSTING!

YSo, the new DIY list is bursting with all my ideas! There are so many things I think you might like to try, and if you have an idea, bring it in! Half the fun of DIY is making your ideas come to life.

Any time between 10 and 7pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday you can come in and do any DIY project on this list. Happy crafting!