Starting either a craft hobby or small business can be a daunting endeavor.  Sometimes we forget that one of the things that attracted us to crafting is the joy of creating something unique or cool, or finding a new way to make an existing product better.  Occasionally we get hung up on an idea, a manufacturing process, or just a general lack of knowledge of how to get your product out there.

We’re not saying we have all the answers!  But we want to be here to help you find that tool you may be needing, or that new skill that has alluded you, or just connecting you with someone who possesses the skill set to get you over that hump.

We learned many things from others while living in Edinburgh, Scotland and we dearly miss our little community of crafters.  We’ve met lots of talented people here in NC as well, and it’s our goal to help grow and bring together our local crafting community.