Beginning in August 2019: New Weekly Schedule!

Our new artist collective features four expert crafter artisans who will now teach classes each week! ❤️🥳❤️🥳❤️🥳❤️🥳

Joseph from Tinker It will teach 3D printing and laser cutting, as well as metal arts and woodcutting, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and (coming soon) video production and YouTube classes. He will be available all day on Mondays. Prices vary per class and project.
Kenya from Gardenmixology will be teaching candle making, and soap and bathbomb making. Her Candle Bar and Pour Parties will take place from 6pm in the evenings. $25 per class.
Expert artist Meta will teach Intro to Felting during the day from 1-4pm. $35 for Intro class, other class prices will vary.
Oil painter Sandra will teach Intro to Oil Painting at 6pm. $30 per class.
Date Night! Each couple will share a project! Each week a different maker will host. 6pm-7pm. $25 per couple, unless otherwise noted.
DIY projects, private party availability, sewing, Cricut, resin classes with Amanda. 3rd Saturday of the month we will host a handmade maker’s Market from 10-4pm
☀️☀️☀️AMANDA’s AVAILABILITY☀️☀️☀️ Schedule a class with Amanda on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday between 10-6pm.
**Classes: private sewing lessons ($25), resin class ($20), chunky knit blanket ($70), private Cricut class ($25), T-shirt quilt workshop ($75).
**Walk in DIY projects can now be booked via email or on our Facebook page scheduler (CRAFTitNC)